About Paper Cup


Prof. Dr. Acquired 70-90 degree temperature beverages are put into plastic cups, plastic material in which it solves the monomers to separate the effect of heat, noting reported lead to dangerous consequences. Explaining that damages human health, Prof. monomers. Dr. Acquired continued as follows:
"These monomers dangerous carcinogenic materials. Higher heat resistance foam cups. However, the dissolution of the material liquid with a temperature of more can provide. In this case, it will be liquid monomeric groups and oral (mouth) route structure section is toxic substance. Right now we know Styrofoam cups hot drinks lead to some chemical reactions. Glasses made ​​of plastic and foam and the risk of cancer in smokers may be exposed to hot liquid for a long time. "
Prof. Dr. Acquired in a loss for the other article of plastic packaging waste is also expressed that they produce, population growth, industrialization and consumption patterns change factors such as "throw-away" type of packaging that leads to excessive consumption reported.
Plastic materials do not have the environment to be noted that for many years Prof. Dr. Acquired "The need to increase the volume of waste and raw material areas and no longer leads to a waste of resources. Plastic glasses are also human beings have to deal with the damage done to this point. Application can be suggested instead of plastic cups, paper cups. Paper cups, health and human sağlığınadaha suitable for the recycling of waste material, "he said. Prof. Dr. Acquired their study about the dangers of plastic and foam cups on human health Assoc. Dr. Burhanettin achieved with light added

"Very warm and soft fizzy drinks to be submitted at"

Professor Head of the Department of Cancer Control, Ministry of Health. Dr. Murat Tuncer poliklor and ethylene in plastic containers containing more than 70 degrees hot and acidic söyledi.Their Turned into contact with liquids in the event that some chemical products due to the presence of potential carcinogens in nitrozaminin (cancer-causing substance) that expresses granted the might know Tuncer, "This is a possible cause of cancer never attempt to make certain substances with cancer. However, the probability submission of these glasses is inconvenient because of the very hot and soft drinks. However, water can be used for "warning was voiced. Indicating that a very detailed study on this subject Tuncer, foam cups is a serious danger for the correct information will not talk about the current highlighted.
Prof. Acquired in Selma.